Bellagio Lake Como wall art canvas print
Bellagio Lake Como wall decor canvas print
Bellagio Lake Como home art canvas print
Bellagio Lake Como home decor canvas print
Bellagio Lake Como wall art home decor canvas print
Frame canvas

Bellagio Lake Como Wall Art Home Decor Canvas Eco Leather Print, Made in Italy!

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The triangular land mass at the base of the inverted Y is the Larian Triangle: at its northern point sits Bellagio, looking across to the northern arm of the lake and, behind it, the Alps. It has always been famous for its location. This artwork celebrates this italian gem that inspired one of the most famous casinos in Vegas. The print is composed one or three sections of eco leather canvas that are hand-stretched over polished pinewood frames. The leather effect gives a unique texture and feel on the surface.

The designs from LWhomedécor are handmade in Italy by printing original photographs and graphics onto eco leather canvas.

  • Eco leather print
  • Three washable panels
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Stretched over polished pinewood frames
  • Ready to hang
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Thickness of each product is 1" (2,5 cm)

All products come ready to hang as traditional canvas. Just enjoy the art!

Feel free to ask any info about our products.

Available Sizes (ALL TOTAL SIZES - Not for single board in multi panels options):

1 Panel or 3 Panels Set

Available Sizes (ALL TOTAL SIZES - Not for single board in multi panels options):

1 Panel / Board - 24"x16" | 60x40 cm

1 Panel / Board - 36"x24" | 90x60 cm

1 Panel / Board - 39"x26" | 100x67 cm

3 Panels / Boards - 36"x24" | 90x60 cm

3 Panels / Boards - 47"x31.5" | 120x80 cm

3 Panels / Boards - 54"x36" | 135x90 cm

3 Panels / Boards - 59"x39" | 150x100 cm

3 Panels / Boards - 71"x47" | 180x120 cm

Any custom size available.

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I bought this item as a surprise birthday gift for a guy friend. He has a wish to visit Lake Como one day and I thoughtthis is the perfect gift for him. It was indeed. He loves it. He said it was huge and amazing.The 3 pieces have incredible details. The communications with the seller were excellent. I was asking a lot of questions about this item and Angelo responded in a timely manner and very politely. Also, it shipped very fast. I took some time to finalize my purchase until I realized the birthday was just a week away. I explained my situation to Angelo that I hoped this item to reach the states in xxx date. I was ready for the item not to be at my friend's office at his birthday (because you know the delivery can be tricky sometimes), however, surprisingly it did arrived on his birthday! Excellent item & seller!