About us

In 2017 we started our business with the simple goal to spread our love for wall decor with a more sophisticated product than traditional canvas fabric. In our research we found the perfect match for our query: the eco leather canvas.

LWhomedecor is a brand new concept that combines modern design and classical printing in a new outstanding way. Our products are printed high quality eco leather with stunning colors and outlooks. We select just high quality images and photos, as well as amazing graphics to create our great eco-sustainable products.

All our products - from the printmaking to the framing and dispatching - are proudly handmade in Italy. We control the whole process in order to guarantee the best quality for our customers.

Fell free to ask any info about our activity and products!


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Business address:

Via Fontanelle 16

22044 Inverigo CO - Italy

Contact mail: info@lwhomedecor.com