[canvas print] - Brooklyn Bridge
[canvas print] - Brooklyn Bridge black and white
[canvas] - Lwhomedecor
[canvas] - Lwhomedecor
[canvas] - Lwhomedecor
[canvas] - Lwhomedecor
[canvas] - Lwhomedecor

New York Brooklyn Bridge Framed Canvas Print

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The Brooklyn Bridge Print features a photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge against the New York Skyline on a clear summer's day. A classy black and white version of the print is also available as color variant. This photographic print is composed of a single or multi panels prints of eco leather canvas that are hand-stretched over polished pinewood frames. The designs from LWhomedécor are handmade in Italy by printing original photographs and graphics on eco leather canvases.

  • Eco leather print
  • Washable panels
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Pine frame
  • Ready to hang
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Thickness of each product is 1" (2,5cm)

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1 panel or 3 Panels set

Color variants:

- Blue

- Black and White

Available Sizes (ALL TOTAL SIZES - Not for single board in multi panels options):

1 Panel / Board - 24"x12" | 60x30cm

1 Panel / Board - 36"x18" | 90x45cm

1 Panel / Board - 39"x19.5" | 100x50cm

1 Panel / Board - 48"x24" | 120x60cm

3 Panels / Boards - 48"x24" | 120x60cm

3 Panels / Boards - 72"x36" | 180x90cm

Any custom size available, just contact us!