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Pink Flamingos on Lake Framed Canvas Print

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Sometimes the colours of nature are more lovely than anything that can be made by man. The Pink Flamingos on Lake Print features dozens of pink flamingos framed above and below by pink and orange clouds, sky and water. Furthermore, It is composed of one or three sections of eco leather canvas that are hand-stretched over polished pinewood frames. The designs from LWhomedécor are handmade in Italy by printing original photographs and graphics onto eco leather canvas.

  • Eco leather print
  • Washable panels
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Pine frame
  • Ready to hang
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Thickness of each product is 1" (2,5cm)

All products come ready to hang as traditional canvas. Just enjoy the art!

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Feel free to ask any info about our products.

1 panel or 3 Panels set

Available Sizes (ALL TOTAL SIZES - Not for single board in multi panels options):

1 Panel / Board - 24"x12" | 60x30cm

1 Panel / Board - 36"x18" | 90x45cm

1 Panel / Board - 39"x19.5" | 100x50cm

1 Panel / Board - 48"x24" | 120x60cm

3 Panels / Boards - 48"x24" | 120x60cm

Any custom size available, just contact us!